We are Futurists, Design Thinkers, Digital Leaders, Strategists, Business Analysts, Startup Entrepreneurs, Psychologists, Service Designers & Communicators.

Dr. Shamim Rafat

CEO & Founder

Shamim is CEO and Founder of zero360. Combining a vision with great passion for his team and work, he focuses not only on the development of our business but on the development of our people. He consells our clients in strategy development and the implementation of innovation and transformation processes. With his profound knowledge and his experience he not only inspires clients but the entire zero360-team.

Before founding zero360 GmbH Shamim worked as Business Director for an international digital agency and led global partnerships and innovation projects for multinationals like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, NASA, the World Bank. Prior to that he worked as a strategic consultant at Capgemini Consulting where he supervised processes of Change Management and established the German CSR-unit. Shamim is member of the Global Responsible Leaders Network of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt. He studied Political Science and holds a PhD from the NRW School of Governance. Not to forget, Shamim is one of the proudest fathers in town.


Jana Wichmann

Foresight & Innovation Management

Jana is our outstanding expert for human-centred design/design thinking and strategic foresight projects as well as for the further development of innovation processes. Alongside with Veit Vogel, Jana strengthens our expertise in foresight strategies. Her expertise includes process analytics and identifying customer needs to develop further strategies for user-centered concepts.

Jana holds a BA in Media Science and Management and a MA in Future Research. In addition she studied Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam. She contributes over ten years of experience in corporate foresight consulting and leading or supporting projects for international companies in the area of digital transformation in the healthcare sector, Media, ICT, Pharma, finance and mobility.



Veit Vogel

Foresight & Strategic Design

Veit is a real foresight & design strategist. and a brilliant eager-to-learn mind altogether. Veit works closely together with clients, users and experts concerning the design and implementation of foresight and innovation routines, following the mission to enable acting under uncertainties. Besides this, he is an exceptional Design Thinking coach and moderator.

Veit has studied business administration, philosophy, design thinking and future studies. He has several years of practical work experience in design, strategic foresight and business ethics. Besides working at zero360, he gives lectures on applied future studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin (HTW Berlin).



Yannick Sonnenberg

Business Innovation Management

Yannick, genius at work, is our Business Innovation Manager. Together with our clients, he develops new services, products and business models. His specializes in the financial service industry and is helping our clients to come up with new ideas and business models. While leading different project teams in product development and strategy he accompanies our clients closely on their transformation journeys with on-site management as well as capacity and process development.

Yannick studied philosophy & economics. Before he has joined the zero360-team, he worked as a consultant at 1492.// The Collective Intelligence, was CFO at elefunds GmbH and lectures on entrepreneurship and strategy at different universities. In 2014 he was listed in Forbes magazine‘s global “30 under 30” list.


Ina Soth
Innovation & Service Design

When developing new service ideas and supporting innovation processes, Ina always thinks user centered. She strengthens the team with her organizational talent in the field of innovation and project management. Equally valuable and important for zero360 is Ina's experience in the context of industry 4.0.

Ina holds a bachelor's degree in communication design with a focus on service design and conception. After having finished her design studies she completed a training as a mediator and conflict manager. Before joining the team of zero360, Ina gained extensive experience in the areas of service design, user research and project management.



Niklas Laasch

Business Innovation Management

Niklas is the true natural scientist in our team and always good for a pun. His motivation is sustainability - both regarding workshop results and as well as his daily business. As a business innovation manager at zero360, Niklas connects the technologically possible with socially desirable innovation. With his professional background from life sciences research and Design Thinking Niklas analyses complex problems, develops user-centered products and designs holistic innovation strategies. He feels particularly comfortable in the field of healthcare, however, he takes on the most complex challenges with the utmost eagerness.

Niklas studied biochemistry with a focus on structural biology. During this time, he intensively researched the structural factors of hepatitis C and malaria. In parallel he studied Design Thinking at the Hasso-Plattner Institute (HPI).


Simon Höher

Digital Business Development

Simon is one of our brilliant innovation & digital strategy minds and he deals with decentralized and dynamic innovation processes as well as new technologies and social trends. In this context, he identifies clients’ future business fields, develops adaptive and digital business models and translates them into concrete corporate strategies and actions.

Simon has numerous years of experience in entrepreneurship, innovation and knowledge management as well as critical design. He founded ThingsCon, one of the leading conferences on the topic ‘Internet of Things’ in Europe and was CEO of his own startup for four years.



Mirijam Münch

Innovation & Strategic Design

Mirijam is responsible for the development and implementation of strategy and transformation processes, using agile and user-centric methods. She focuses on the area banking and mobility. Mirijam has a background in strategic and organizational consulting and gained her Design Thinking degree at Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam. In addition, she supports the zero360 team with project management as well as with planning, realization and coaching of Design Thinking, foresight and product development workshops.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Management and a master’s degree in International Business and Consulting. As a visiting associate she gained project experiences with the Telekom AG, Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH and the Dusseldorf Trade Fair.


Johannes Meyer 
Innovation & Design Thinking 

Johannes is Design Thinker with heart and soul. He designs workshop concepts and coaches teams while inspiring the team of zero360 on an almost daily basis. Johannes is one of the most experienced Design Thinkers in Germany and is looking back on hundreds of projects across almost all industries. In his function, he fostered the implementation of Design Thinking methods not only in startups but also in blue chip companies.

Johannes studied media, cultural and business studies. Subsequently, he gained his Design Thinking degree at the Hasso-Plattner Institute (HPI). He was also a passionate teacher in Sri Lanka, worked on SAP software innovations and helped to build the foundation of the professional training offer at the HPI.



Lisa Sturm

Innovation & Strategic Design

Lisa’s heart beats for organizing and implementing innovation projects and Design Thinking workshops. She is passionate about design and visual presentation and combines this with empathy, intercultural understanding and strong communication skills. With her mindset as social scientist, Lisa sets focus on human-centric and sustainable innovations.

Lisa holds a MA joint degree in Global Studies, as well as a BA in Multilingual Communication. Not only due to her international education, Lisa has great language skills and a keen understanding for global relations. Prior to joining zero360 Lisa was working as a consultant for international mobility at IJAB Germany.


Friederike Korte

Innovation & Strategic Design

Friederike is researcher and a pragmatic go-getter at the same time. After several years in science, today she is mainly a great Design Thinking Coach. Together with our customers, Frederike develops new products, services, business models and future scenarios in a co-creative manner.

As a studied future scientist, Friederike focuses on the development of future-oriented organizations, sustainable innovation and the empowerment of employees and executives for creative and collaborative work.


Niklas Proksch

Managing Director

Niklas is the communication strategist in the zero360 team. Niklas supports innovation and transformation processes with focus on integration of internal and external stakeholders and implementation of changes within organisations. He believes in the power of communication in order to minimizing pains due to changes.

Before joining zero360, Niklas was in charge of strategic communications consultancy and project implementation for global agency networks for 13 years. Beyond that, he worked as a freelance consultant for a couple of years supporting brands and companies in times of development and change. Niklas was in charge of building up and running the Internal Communications-team of Zalando during that time. The former managing director of MSL Germany and Burson-Marsteller studied political science at the Otto-Suhr-Institute.


Maximilian Kupi

Innovation & Strategic Design

Maximilian supports the zero360 team in the fields of business model innovation & strategy design. His world spins around design, realization and follow-up of workshops, innovation management and product development. In addition, he is in charge of concept and material development on business model innovation. 

Max has studied philosophy & economics with a focus on business model innovation. He has gained his Design Thinking degree at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam. Max has worked in different projects for clients, such as Volkswagen, Zeiss, Flightright and Lecturio. 



Marco Krabs

Business Analytics & Processes

Marco, a brilliant mind with a focus on business analytics & processes, contributes with his business understanding to the design of new products and services from a quantitative perspective. He is an expert in market, trends and companies modeling. Marco works on developing new business models in the area of finance, insurance, energy, transport and infrastructure.

Marco gained several years of experience in strategy consulting at Roland Berger, where he worked in the fields of innovation, energy, infrastructure and the public sector. He studied business and philosophy & economics and is now a member of the Berlin doctoral program in economics and management.



Tom Nägele

User Experience Design

Tom is our zero360-link between coaching, strategy, product development, front-end development and user experience design. He coaches design-workshops and also builds prototypes, designs development concepts and strategies and supports developers during the implementation stage.

Tom is a passionate UX designer and responsive web design evangelist. For numerous years he has been supporting companies worldwide in developing complex but intuitive systems. In this process, he emphasizes the fast and pragmatic validation of concepts with users.



Linda Kantchev

UX & UI Design

Linda is a key stronghold of our strategic design and UX/UI expertise. With her all-round view, she brings user interfaces into life, gives them a user-centered meaning and supports the zero360-team in all design related questions. She has many years of experience not only in the design and development of brands and communication.

After her studies as a communications designer she gained first experiences in renowned design offices, agencies and publishers in London and Berlin. During that time she was able to demonstrate and expand her conceptual strength and UX design skills. Linda has a special focus on collaborative work with people from different areas, such as artists, scientists and craftsmen.


Leonie Heiß

Innovation & Strategic Design

Leonie is the business psychologist in our zero360-team. Together with clients and experts, she develops innovative service and product ideas, from design research to implementation. Her expertise lies in the application of the Design Thinking method on various topics and the conception of workshops and trainings. 

Leonie successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology, as well as the Design Thinking Advanced Track of the HPI School of Design Thinking. Previously she worked at the HPI Academy in Potsdam designing and conducting Workshops for corporate Clients, thus gaining experience in coaching Design Thinking Teams. Aside she is currently striving for her MA in social and economic communication at the University of Arts in Berlin.

Dea Dantas Vögler

Innovation & Strategic Design

Dea is an innovation coach and designer at zero360. Dea is committed to spreading the idea of human-centred design. With a focus on healthcare and gender equality related topics, she coaches and consults companies and organizations like Bayer AG, ERGO and DGB in process and product development.

Dea is a true Designer and Design Thinking Expert and has many years of experience in product and process design. Before starting her studies in communication design, she worked in the fields of branding and brand communication in the advertisement segment. During her studies at the HPI School of Design Thinking she extended her design skills from visual design to service design.


Laura Krentzlin

Innovation & Strategic Design

Laura is Design Thinker with the social media gene. As part of the zero360-team she designs and implements workshops and other innovation formats. In addition, Laura develops collaborative, user-centric and holistic solutions with the goal of strengthening the innovative power of companies.

Laura has studied international communication and translation and holds a Design Thinking degree from the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI). She gained her profound social media expertise through numerous projects, amongst them being responsible of the strategic social media planning for Zalando Lounge.

Diya Chawla

Executive Assistance

Diya loves to interact with people. In her role as Executive Assistant, she supports founder and CEO Shamim Rafat particularly in the area of HR management and organization. As a communicative person she coordinates the internal processes together with Berit Plauschinn and is the go-to person both for customers and the zero360 team.

Diya is a state-certified international marketing assistant and has a degree in marketing management. Thanks to her previous work experiences at Procter & Gamble, Profitbricks and in the fashion industry, she stays calm and all times and always keep the overview. This way she is not only backing up the managament, but as well supporting the whole team. As a side project Diya also runs her own fashion label.


Berit Plauschinn

Executive Assistance

Berit is the go-to person within the zero360-team when it comes to numbers. Together with Diya Chawla, as Executive Assistant she is responsible for our internal processes and supports the team in all organizational aspects, invoicing and controlling.

Berit worked for several years as an occupational therapist and then successfully completed her studies of business administration and organizational psychology. Before Berit joined zero360, she worked at Daimler as assistant of the divisional management of one of the companies production sites. Amongst other duties she was responsible for controlling as well as for planning and implementing of all employee training courses.


Dr. Eva Köppen

User Research & Strategic Design

Eva is our expert in User Research and Design Thinking. She designs and supports co-creative and human-centered innovation processes in various industries and sectors. Over 5 years Eva reseached and promoted on the topic of “Empathy by Design”. Based on this, she develops new learning formats,which connect practical know-how of different stakeholders with her current research activities. Eva lectured at various universities and worked as a conceptual manager and project manager in different IT companies.




Miriam Yasbay

Service & Innovation Design

Miriam is an innovation expert, creative consultant, and design thinking facilitator with a focus on cultural change and disruptive interventions. She supports and empowers companies, organizations, and individuals to shape their work and personal lives by finding unique solutions to complex challenges. She designs interactive learning and action experiences for professionals, the art and fashion sector around the globe. Her mission is to detect, structure and enable creative approaches to seemingly fixed problems.

Miriam studied cultural management and holds a M.A in social sciences. She has several years of work experience in the fields of social innovation, entrepreneurship, art, and culture. She worked for two years at the HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam, Germany and as a freelance professional trainer for the HPI Academy. Miriam currently writes a book about entrepreneurial approaches and strategies.


Design Thinkers and Innovators wanted.

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