The Strategy Accelerator

A company’s strategy is the key factor for its success. Growing complexity of internal processes and outer circumstances constantly generates new and increasingly complex requirements. Working together with a big energy company, we successfully met the challenges of this growing complexity and developed not only a strategy but also appropriate measures for the establishment of a digital ecosystem, through one of Germany’s biggest “Strategy Crowdsourcing” efforts. 

More than 100 internal and external experts, which were identified in advance through close collaboration with the client, participated in a 2 day workshop where 10 different challenges were presented. During the course of the workshop, the participants worked in cross-functional and cross-hierarchical teams, developing prototypes and working on new approaches. The continuous testing of assumptions and approaches not only led to the creation of a series of new product and service ideas but also helped to manifest the idea of agile learning in the participants’ minds. Throughout the zero360 “Strategy Crowdsourcing”, the strategy department’s ability to act was significantly strengthened. While first new service offerings are already under development, further joint workshops with focus on new formulations of goals are being planned.

Reinventing Community & Customer based Retail Banking

Since the end of 2014, we develop user-centric service innovations in collaboration with one of Germany’s leading retail banks. Through Design Thinking workshops and Service Innovation labs we enabled our client for the first time to efficiently integrate customers, as well as a number of employees and managers, into the work on necessary internal innovation processes on a larger scale. We support the well-known bank by covering the whole spectrum of the innovation portfolio, from trend scout activities to process, service and business innovations.

The future of the bank branch

The branch is the offline representation of the bank, building the physical interface to the customers. How can the bank assure the presence of its branches and bank products, under consideration of the growing standardizations and the reduction of distinguishing features amongst competitors? In collaboration with one of Germany’s leading retail banks we faced this growing challenge. In form of a co-creation process between bank customers and internal and external experts, new branch concepts and services for the branch of the future have been developed, tested, adjusted and redesigned.

As a first step, customer needs were identified in dialog with the specific target groups, providing the basis to quickly and efficiently build on already existing approaches and to develop, test and evaluate new solution ideas. Thanks to the direct co-creation between bank employees, external experts, customers and non-customers, the 2 day workshop resulted in the development of specific additional values aiming at retaining existing customers all while winning over new customers. Besides new developed service offerings, this implemented process of agile user-centered working had a lasting effect on the company and was a starting point for further follow-up projects.

A new user interface in the context of hospital management systems

In an increasingly consolidated statutory health insurance (SHI) market, the development of new customer segments is as important as the support of existing customer segments. As part of an extensive development of software, we were commissioned to design and implement a user-centric approach for new customer offers. The result was a combination of Design Thinking, Lean-UX, User Testing and Rapid Prototyping, with the aim to collaboratively produce offerings that specifically tackle the needs of insured persons. This collaboration is built on the integration of customers, developers and product managers, working together on this mission.

The project was divided into two parts. In the first part, insights gained during a web observation of users helped to define potential user profiles in form of personas and user stories. Afterwards, prototypes were developed in joint collaboration with users. In the second part, these developed prototypes were consolidated in form of a digital click dummy, allowing precise further development. The final prototype 4.0 represents the actual fundament for the technical realization of the User Interface (UI).

Agile product development and business innovation for the street

Working together with the Business Innovation team of a big automotive group, we created a series of product and service innovations. In close collaboration with the client, a team of international top managers of major companies, entrepreneurs, founders, researchers and trend experts was set up to work on the development of new adequate service ideas. In cooperation with the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, we conducted Design Thinking workshops which resulted in the development of more than 200 product and service innovation ideas.

As a result of the efficient collaboration, the executive board of the client gave the approval to the implementation of one of the winning ideas within a short period of time. Within 12 months the new approach was developed to be market-ready and was finally presented at the IAA in Frankfurt.



Cargo Services for private customers

The mission to develop a business model corresponding to a developed and already tested prototype in only two weeks. Accepting this challenge, we successfully worked together with a worldwide operating airline, designing a first product concept.

Under the application of Lean Startup and UX methods we generated user insights through the conduction of interviews and managed to identify the biggest challenges users were confronted with. These defined challenges were used as a basis to later work on.

The results gained out of testings with potential users were continuously integrated into the redesign of an interactive click dummy. Parallel to this developing process of the product, the creation of the according business model ensured the embedment of the product into the company as well as into the economy. Additionally, a short video clip was produced to support the internal and external marketing. The concept was presented in at an internal corporate-wide innovation competition and met such great approval that it is now currently being implemented.

Offerings of Building Societies in the Course of Time

In collaboration with a leading building society, digital service and business innovations were developed, extending the core businesses of the company. Next to the development of advanced product and service offerings, pilot testing of new business and marketing models was emphasized. The development of corresponding prototypes was the result of collaborative workshops, building on the integration of customers and employees.

Not only did we offer the conception and implementation of the workshops but we also gave strategic and operative support during the implementation process of the developed ideas, focusing on the implementation at the interface between agencies, employees and customers as well as in technical and economic implementation of the ideas developed. Furthermore, the client was supported during the digital transformation process in the form of user-centric workshops aiming at introducing methodological approaches into advanced management training.

Corporate Transformations through User-centric Approaches

In the context of a top management forum, 35 managers of a big German software service provider out of the health sector came together for a 2 days workshop on the Design Thinking method in summer 2015. The interdisciplinary teams were guided by 7 Design Thinking coaches, focusing on different challenges defined beforehand. The tasks were addressing not only internal but also external challenges, which had been identified in advance in joint preparation with customers. One of the diverse product ideas which was developed during these days, was a concept for a company internal Innovation Lab. In close collaboration with the organization development department we further developed the prototype, set up an innovation process and currently give support during the implementation, which also includes internal training.

Agile Product Development and Implementation Support

Since 2013, we work closely together with the Digital Lab of a big insurance company in order to develop product and service innovations as well as processes addressing the new requirements that come along with the digital living environment. We support our client with the whole spectrum of innovation management, which includes trend scouting, Design Thinking workshops to specify the needs of customers and users, the conception and creation of business models and the guided implementation of developed products and services. 

Since autumn 2015 we also support the implementation of new services integrating communication tools. Our portfolio ranges from the conception and implementation of internal communication processes to the development of new content and appropriate marketing and communication plans.

Ready to Startup

As a result of the combination of our own research and foresight and the exchange with experts of diverse industries, we are constantly coming up with new product and service innovation ideas, as well as business models. Together with our expertise in implementation processes, we developed a special offer for our clients. We call it Phase Zero. Phase Zero includes the whole portfolio of corporate and digital innovation consulting and combines it with the further development of own independent ideas or the establishment of new enterprises and start-ups – in close collaboration with the client.

From the independent generation of ideas, via the implementation of products and services up to the guided market entry, we introduce products into new business and market segments. Whether your company currently might not have the necessary resources or it just does not want to position the product in the market itself, our full service offerings help to turn your ideas into reality. The offer does include “Start-up-as-a-Service“, the implementation of business models from the first blueprint via successful M&As up to the establishment of own incubators.